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Headlines You Missed: Week of Sept. 14

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Every week, “The Patriot” scours the web to bring you headlines from around the world. Please note that no original reporting is involved. Feel free to discuss these stories at the bottom of the page.

London, England – Southwest Britain resident Kay Russell claims that she now speaks with what sounds like a French accent after experiencing a severe migraine attack. Neuroscientists are aware of this disorder, dubbed Foreign Accent Syndrome. Cases of the disorder in 2006 and 2009 happened after a stroke and brain surgery, respectively. Sophie Scott, a researcher at University College London’s Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, says the disorder can be a result of people shifting their mouths differently when they speak or emphasizing certain syllables differently following a stroke or brain injury.


Sante Fe, New Mexico A new ordinance is being drafted regarding public nudity after complaints about the World’s Naked Bike Ride Event held in Sante Fe in June. The city council received complaints saying that people’s children saw more than they should have. The ordinance would require all genital, buttocks, and breast areas to be covered. However, the ordinance would include an exemption for people protesting or performing art, which would include the nude bicycling event. Female members of the council refuse to support the ordinance because they say it would create a gender gap.


Cambridge, Massachusetts – Three Cambridgeport Elementary School students were taken to the hospital after they mistook pepper spray for perfume and sprayed each other. The eight- and nine-year-olds discovered the pepper spray on the school campus.


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