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Seniors slip and slide their way into summer on campus

Kristin Marzullo

Seniors slide down their self-made slip n' slide on JC's football field.

Taylor Hooper, Photographer

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There cannot be a better way to clean off a year’s work of homework, studying, and stress by having fun on a slip n’ slide.  Especially if the slip n’ slide is right on your school’s campus. The class of 2011 took a chance by bringing tarps and hoses to JC to do just that on May 12.

This event started with a simple Facebook invite created by senior Ryan Eilerman.  “We needed to do something as a class, something fun, something different, and something we wouldn’t get in trouble for.  Anyone can have fun on a slip n’ slide, and it was like reliving a childhood thing, even now when we move onto college,” Eilerman said.

The seniors began building their slide on the oval in front of the school at around 12 in the afternoon until they were asked by Dean of Students Thomas Vierheller to move over to the football field. Vierheller was content with students being there as long as the noise was kept to a minimum.

According to senior Allison Walczyk, the number of people who participated grew up to about 50 or 60 as students finished up their final exams. Some of the participants did not even change their clothes and slid on the tarps in their school uniforms.

Senior Audrey Schiminger said this experience was “wicked fun.” Math teacher Alvin Ward also stopped by for a bit to check out all of the commotion.  “It was different. I’ve never seen anything like it in my 30 years teaching here.”

However, there were a few noise complaints and class disturbances, so the seniors were eventually asked to leave. Despite this, the experience still came off as positive overall according to the administration.  “They were very cordial and listened when asked to leave. They also cleaned up after themselves. I was proud of them,” Vierheller said.

“We knew we were going to have to leave eventually, but it was really fun while it lasted,” senior Emily Heller said.

Taylor Hooper is a photographer for “The Patriot” and

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The School Newspaper of John Carroll School
Seniors slip and slide their way into summer on campus