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Dollhouses, World Language Induction Ceremony, FLEX field trip, Shea Welsh concert, and a Catch-22 trial

“Week in Pictures” is a weekly recurring slideshow of multiple pictures that depict an average week at JC by sharing events, classes, meetings, and everything else that happens inside and outside our halls. These pictures are taken in hopes of capturing the essence of JC and strive to show what makes being a patriot so special.

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Publisher and Editor in Chief of The Baltimore Sun Media Group Trif Alatzas shares his journalistic experiences with the JC literary publications during the inductions for the Quill and Scroll Honors Society. Members of The Pinnacle, The Pacificus, and The Patriot were inducted on Tuesday, April 3.

Photos by: Zachary Miller, Allie Taylor, James Keller, Caroline Cooney, and Katherine Grimm

During the week of April 3, guitarist Shea Welsh, class of ’82, rocked the auditorium with a concert to promote his band’s album, “Arrival,” on Monday, April 3. Also on April 3, the members of the AP English Language and Composition class participated in a mock trial to demonstrate their understanding of the novel “Catch-22” by Joseph Heller. Members of JC literary publications The Patriot, Pacificus, and Pinnacle were inducted into the Quill and Scroll Honor Society on Tuesday, April 4.  Forensics Science teacher Dr. Andrew Ketchum had his students create a crime scene with dolls, describe what happened, and present it to the class on Wednesday, April 5. During the World Language Induction Ceremony on Thursday, April 6, students were inducted into various language honor societies to recognize their commitment to language excellence. Finally, students in the FLEX program took a field trip to the Under Armour Headquarters in Baltimore as well as two incubators to learn how businesses operate.

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The School Newspaper of John Carroll School
Dollhouses, World Language Induction Ceremony, FLEX field trip, Shea Welsh concert, and a Catch-22 trial