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Druw Van Der Werff, Media Editor 2016-17
Junior Druw (yes, it is a “U”) Van Der Werff is a Media Editor for The Patriot and This is his first year on The Patriot and he is ecstatic to be involved with something this cool. He is a starter on the varsity football team, a wrestler, and a school record-setter in discus for track & field. When he isn’t busy setting school records, he devours various types of cake including, but not limited to, chocolate lava cake, devil’s food cake, red velvet cake, chocolate marble cake, and that weird cake you get at the grocery store with icing that tastes like the plastic it’s packaged in. If you’re looking to talk to this guy, Druw Van Der Werff can be reached at [email protected]

Druw Van Der Werff, Media Editor

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