SweetFrog serves up frozen yogurt, Christian principles

SweetFrog serves up frozen yogurt, Christian principles

After school, juniors Emily Kennedy (left) and Makda Amdetyson (right) savor sweetFrog’s frozen yogurt. SweetFrog is located at 531 Baltimore Pike in Bel Air.

Haley Kyger, Sports Editor

Emily watches the clock tick as the day comes to an end. The bell rings, she grabs her books, and heads straight to her locker. She can’t wait to get in the car and make her way to where a delicious, creamy dessert waits for her.

Junior Emily Kennedy is on her way to sweetFrog. “It’s not a scheduled thing, but I go to sweetFrog about once a week. It’s delicious,” Kennedy said.

SweetFrog is a self-serve frozen yogurt restaurant where the customer picks the flavors, toppings, and amount of frozen yogurt. The sweetFrog franchise has 188 different locations in the US, and opened a new store at 531 Baltimore Pike Bel Air, MD on July 12.

“My favorite thing about sweetFrog is how it’s based on Christian religion,” Kennedy said.

The founder of sweetFrog, Derek Cha, based the restaurant on his Christian lifestyle. On each cup “John 3:16” is written on the bottom, and the F-R-O-G in sweetFrog stands for fully-rely-on-God.

“The Christian atmosphere makes work a more positive place to be. It makes the workers get along better. Even when we make mistakes, we grow together by relying on each other’s strengths,” owner Chelsea Kobinson said.

Whenever Kennedy goes, she can be seen with Junior Makda Amdetyson, along with other JC students.

“My favorite part about sweetFrog is its location. It’s five minutes away from John Carroll, so I can be there and back to school in no time,” Amdetyson said.

“Because it is so close to school, I always see other JC students there when I go,” junior Kennedy said.

SweetFrog has 78 different flavors and 61 different toppings that change throughout its locations. The toppings are stocked fresh every day.

“Cookies and cream is my favorite flavor. I love how it tastes good with the desserty toppings, but also with the fruity toppings. It makes me constantly crave sweetFrog,” Amdetyson said.

“I’ve never been to sweetFrog, but I heard it is delicious. I am excited to go soon,” sophomore Samiah Miller said.

Haley Kyger is a Sports Editor for The Patriot and jcpatriot.com.