Indiana Jones movies are perfect to watch during quarantine

When sitting at home scrolling through Netflix or any of the other countless streaming services, it can often be difficult to make a decision about what to watch. My recommendation? Indiana Jones.

These are classic movies that are always really entertaining to watch with really cool storylines. While the bad guys may be basic without a whole lot of character development, it is still really fun to watch them lose to an archeologist with a whip.

Steven Spielberg is one of the best  and most famous filmmakers of all time, so you know these movies are going to be good. They may be a little more simplistic than his other films, but sometimes all you want to watch is a simple action movie. From the first time he appears on screen, everybody wishes they could go on adventures like he does, minus the snakes and people constantly shooting at you.

The original trilogy is the way to go when watching these movies. While Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was good, it just isn’t the same as the first three. It’s entertaining nonetheless, but it seems separate from the others, almost like it is its own movie.

What makes these movies so good? It could be the great acting from Harrison Ford or the humorous moments sprinkled in, but what really makes these movies special is how adventurous they are. Human beings love adventure, so seeing a movie all about that is enticing.

If you can’t decide on a movie to watch, go watch Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. It’s packed-full of action, entertaining scenes, and tons of butt-kicking!