‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ begins series of nine films

Jackson Williams, Staff Writer

1…2…Freddy’s Comin’ for You. If you’re looking for a great Halloween movie, don’t fall asleep on this one.

The 1984 release of Nightmare on Elm Street has been a Halloween staple for millions around the world for decades. The iconic antagonist Freddy Krueger and the desperate attempt to avoid his wrath make Nightmare on Elm Street truly…nightmarish.
Freddy Krueger is the spirit of a serial killer who was burned to death by the parents of his victims. Throughout the film, he terrorizes and kills his victims in their dreams, causing their deaths in real life.
His iconic glove full of razors instills terror into the protagonists and the audience alike. The struggle to stay awake adds to the psychological torture of main character, Nancy Thompson as he kills her friends to get to her.
The commercial success of this film was huge, producing $57 million dollars at the box office, a massive number in 1984. The Nightmare on Elm Street franchise rakes in millions every year in merchandise, costumes, streaming, and DVDs.
The mass approval of the original allowed for a launch of not one, not two, but eight sequels, including a crossover with Friday the 13th’s Jason Voorhees
Freddy’s Krueger’s reign of terror cements him as one of the most well-known and recognizable entities in the history of the horror genre.