TOP 10: Halloween Activities

Skylar Hill, Staff Writer

1. Trick or Treating
The name explains itself, but it is the best activity of Halloween.

2. Haunted House
You could go to haunted house with your friends or family.

3. Costume Contest
You could organize a costume contest anywhere you like with anyone.

4. Corn Maze
You could take some friends and go explore a maze. You may get lost, but it’s all a part of the adventure!

5. Bobbing for Apples
All you need is a bin, some water, and a few apples. As long as you do not mind getting wet, stick your head in there, and see how many apples you can get.

6. Trunk or Treating
If the basic trick-or-treating makes you uncomfortable with COVID, then set up trunk-or-treating. It is just outside of your car and anyone else’s who you bring along.

7. Carving Pumpkins
Take knife, get a pumpkin, and carve what you want. You could do a smiley face, an animal, or maybe an emoji. You could do what you want.

8. Picking Pumpkins
There are plenty of fields you could select pumpkins from. Take a few cute fall pictures of the pumpkins as well. After you have picked your pumpkin, take it home for a decoration.

9. Halloween Parties
You and your friends could plan a Halloween party; you could make some Halloween treats and even wear costumes.

10. Field of Screams
Instead of doing things at home, go out to a classic scary event where you go in and out of scary houses and mazes. If you’re looking to be scared in real life, this is the place to go.