Peanuts characters celebrate Valentine’s Day

Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown

Jackson Williams, Staff Writer

“Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown” is the thirteenth installment into the Peanuts comic strip, succeeding countless classics.  The 1975 release first aired on CBS, as most of the Peanuts holiday specials are, airing annually for the next twenty-five years.  

The story revolves mainly around Charlie Brown, Linus, and Snoopy.  Linus shows his affection for his teacher, Miss. Othmar, buying her a box of chocolates shaped like a heart.  He encounters a problem when Sally believes the gift is actually for her.  She then makes him a Valentine to return the favor.  

As Valentine’s Day comes, the friends all bring Valentine’s Day cards for each other.  As they are all passed out, Charlie Brown is left with none, which isn’t his first taste of such in his young life.  Linus finds himself unable to give his gift to Miss. Othmar, as she had already left with her significant other.  Linus then throws the box of chocolates  off of a bridge while Charlie Brown slams and kicks his belongings, hurting his foot in the process.  

The next day, Charlie Brown receives a recycled Valentine from Violet as  a consolation.  Charlie Brown meets Linus at the famous brick wall and expresses his hope to get more Valentine’s Day cards next year.  

This thirteenth installment into the Peanuts comic strip series saw commercial success on the television screens of millions when it was first released.  Mainly popularized by the 1965 “Charlie Brown Christmas” special that aired on CBS, the series’ popularity has only grown, and is still widely considered a tradition to many to this day.  As many adults see this special as a cute holiday activity to watch with family, children may be able to relate to the rough love life of an elementary school student.

Not only have the Charlie Brown Holiday specials been a mainstay in holiday culture, but merchandise and even a Peanuts Movie have been launched as a direct result of their monetary success.  This Valentine’s Day special has set the mood for millions since its release and will continue to be a must-watch show for many years to come