Schermerhorn is passionate about games


Jackson Williams, Staff Writer

With a dad who loves video games, video games have always been a major part of Logan Schermerhorn’s life since he was four-years-old.

“I like their cool visuals, cartoonish themes, and I have always been fascinated in their development and makings,” said Logan.
He is now using his true passion to help others. Logan is focusing his senior project on helping kids with disabilities who love video games through a charity Super Smash Brothers Ultimate tournament.
Regarding his choice of his project, Logan said, “I love video games and want to help disabled kids find the same enjoyment out of them that I do.”
Logan hopes to get help from The Able Gamers Charity, a nonprofit foundation that strives to make video games accessible to disabled kids, to make this project come true.
“The Able Gamers Charity makes specialized equipment for kids with disabilities so that they can enjoy video games,” he said. “Their equipment ranges from controllers to entire rooms.”
The Able Gamers Charity was founded in 2004 and for sixteen years has “enabled more people with disabilities to play video games.” Their main goal is to simply change lives.
Able Gamers raises a vast majority of their money through people like Logan.
“The donation of the allotted funds would help in developing new equipment to maximize the gaming experience for all.”
The John Carroll Senior Projects are a little different this year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many seniors have been forced to change their plans. Logan’s project was no exception.
“My original thought was to have an in-person Smash tournament at Mr. Dukes’ Games Club,” he said. “Last year I attended a Super Smash Brothers tournament there, and I loved it, so I thought that it would be a good idea”
Now with COVID-19, Logan was forced to change his focus to a more virtual setting. A virtual tournament where people can play online and still have the competitive feel of a tournament is the new goal.
“My new plan is to advertise the tournament through social media such as Facebook and host the tournament completely online.” he said
Logan’s choice of a Senior Project is based off his resounding love for video games and his desire to share his passion with others. In a time of uncertainty, Logan looks to “bring a community of people together when we can’t truly be together.”