New Updates: Patriots bleed to help those in need, Students lobby for more funding, Quiz Bowl team sparks interest


Patriot bleed to help those in need

The annual blood drive took place on Nov. 21. According to Coordinator Rodney Johnson, about 15 students and eight faculty members gave blood.

“In years past, with higher enrollment, we would get 50 kids,” Johnson said.

“I think it went very well,” Johnson said. “Obviously, we would have wanted to get more participation. Part of the problem is winter sport athletes. I would rather have winter athletes not give, since there can be issues.”

“It took a long time. I showed up at the start of mod four and was not out until halfway through mod seven,” senior Chris Miller who gave blood said.

According to Johnson, “[Giving blood] is an ever present need. I think it was a positive day.”

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Students lobby for more funding 

Seniors in the AP Government class, along with other local non-profit schools, lobbied Harford County delegation to support the Maryland Education Credit. “This event gave us a great opportunity to experience the lobbying process we were studying in AP Government,” senior William Du said.

The event was held at St. Joan of Arc school in Aberdeen on Nov 5.

The Education Credit will help lower and middle income families afford tuition, “thus giving them the opportunity to attend the schools which best suit their needs,” according to the organization.

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Quiz Bowl team sparks interest

The new Science Quiz Bowl team was created by science teacher Julie Baker.

The Quiz Bowl team consists of students competing in a regional contest and, if they do well enough, moving on to a national contest, sponsored by the Department of Energy. According to Baker, students answer questions in categories such as general science, math, biology, and physics.

The first competition will take place on Jan. 14 in Rockville, Maryland. Sophomores Matt Walker and Denny Branch are on the team as well as juniors Susan Kim and Alex English. “Once we get a year under our belt, we can recruit some more people,” Baker said.

Baker said, “It will be a learning experience since we haven’t been there before.”

Cole Alban is the Online Chief for The Patriot and