Final exams canceled for spring 2020 due to COVID-19

Malik Scott, Sports Editor

Due to the continuous spreading of COVID 19 and the closure of school resulting in distance learning, JC has officially decided to cancel both senior and underclassmen final exams for the semester.

The JC community was informed of this on April 3rd via email.

Senior exams were originally scheduled for the first week of May. Instead, seniors will be finished with classes and academic work on Friday May 1st.

Underclassmen will still remain in school until June 5th but will not end their year with final exams, either.

Before the email was sent, many JC students and their families wondered what would happen to exams and the possibilities of still having them online. Due to students being out of school and missing in person learning, adminstrators felt as though this was the best option so that no student would be at a disadvantage.

Students also felt as though cancelling exams was the best option in this time of uncertainty.

“I think it’s good that we cancelled exams. We don’t know who is going through what in their personal lives especially in these trying times. The last thing that a kid with a sick family member needs to worry about is studying for an exam to maintain their GPA, not to mention the fact that they would have to study alone without one-on-one support from a teacher,” said senior Kiana Miller.

COVID 19 did not just interfere with the in-school John Carroll exams.  Many students take AP courses as well that they have to pay for. The College Board officially stated that the AP exams will still be in effect and will now be online. They also stated that time has been reduced to 45 minutes per exam. The College Board has released an official schedule of when those AP exams will take place and directions on how to launch the exam.