Patriot Quick Survey Results: Thanksgiving Plans

60 John Carroll students responded to The Patriot’s survey about their Thanksgiving plans: 24 freshmen, 9 sophomores, 20 juniors, and 7 seniors.

How will students be spending their Thanksgiving?

  • Staying home and having a meal with the people they live with: 53%
  • Staying home but having visitor: 37%
  • Traveling within Maryland: 8%
  • Traveling outside of Maryland: 2%

How concerned are students about the chances of getting COVID-19 as a result of their actions on Thanksgiving?

  • Very concerned: 3%
  • Somewhat concerned: 7%
  • Neither concerned or unconcerned: 23%
  • Somewhat unconcerned: 22%
  • Very unconcerned: 45%

How have students’ Thanksgiving Day plans changed this year as a result of the CDC warnings?

  • No changes: 32%
  • Not a lot of changes but taking precautions: 38%
  • Things will be totally different: 30%

How will COVID-19 affect your Black Friday shopping?

  • Still plan to have the full Black Friday experience: 8%
  • Going to reduce the number of places I go: 15%
  • Will do my shopping online instead: 27%
  • Does not relate — normally do not shop on Black Friday: 50%