Report Cards: Live streams need improvements, Water fountains disappoint, Locked doors create problems

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Report Cards: Live streams need improvements, Water fountains disappoint, Locked doors create problems

Madison Dailey, Community and Sports Editor

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Live streams need improvements

While the live streams of athletic events is a good idea, it has been poorly implemented for JC’s athletics. Those that want to view the games are forced to buy a membership, which costs $10 per month. This can be obnoxious if you only want to watch one game. Also, the cameras for some sports, like basketball are very accurate, while other cameras veer off and lose sight of the athletes. For example, in the lacrosse the camera often randomly goes to other sides of the field, completely losing sight of the athletes and the play. Overall, the cameras and live streams are a good resource for athletes, alumni, and fans, but they need some minor improvements.

Water fountains disappoint

Although the JC community was very excited for the new water fountains with filters, they very quickly became unusable, and they have not been fixed. The first feature that stopped working was the water bottle filler. When you put your water bottle under the fountain, nothing comes out. This might be okay if it were only one water fountain, but this doesn’t work for any of the fountains. Also, many of the fountains have blinking filter lights, meaning students are drinking contaminated water. The water fountains were a good idea for a class gift from the class of 2016, however, JC’s follow through with maintenance needs massive improvement.

Locked doors create problems

JC’s aiming for more school safety is admirable and needed in today’s climate. However, the locked doors immediately after school only add more confusion and annoyance to students, rather than a feeling of safety. At any time after school, you can find students banging on the doors constantly, looking for someone to let them in. Overall, it’s understandable, but the school should find other ways to keep students safe.


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