Pro/Con: Governor Hogan places restrictions on citizens of Maryland and encourages social distancing

Julia Williams (PRO) & Emma Balint (CON)

Although there have been a few restrictions made against going out during the pandemic, I feel that there is no need to panic and that people, especially students, should still go outside but take the proper precautions in doing so.
I know that this is a bold statement to make during this global pandemic; however, I feel that students should not coop themselves up in the house during this time.
For many, this time can be used to go outside and take a walk through the neighborhood or even just around the yard.  It’s a good time to run outside, but stay away from others.  As hard as it is, it is important to remember that.
People should still  practice social distancing, but this does not mean to bury yourself in your bed until everything magically gets better.
Going outside and exploring nature alone is another option if your immediate family members cannot go with you.
Going to the grocery store and buying essentials is a major reason why people need to be able to leave their homes.
Businesses considered essential remain open, so if you need to go to the bank, the grocery store, a pharmacy, or to a gas station, don’t be afraid.  Just take the proper precautions, and there is no need to panic.
Going outside is a part of human nature that cannot be taken away. It is important to be socially distant, but not to the extent of driving yourself insane by never leaving your home.
If you are feeling claustrophobic or just need some fresh air, take a few steps outside.
It is important to remain calm and not to be so scared that we trap ourselves. Going outside a little each day can help free the mind and give a little more space to stretch out and breathe.
Does this mean you should take a walk to a friend’s house in order to hang out?  No.  Does this mean you should have a cookout or a party outside?  No. Does this mean you should take this opportunity to head to the beach?  Once again, the answer is no.
Make positive choices, and just because you feel healthy does not mean that you cannot infect another person.

We’re all pretty much social people. We see our friends, our teachers, and other peers throughout the day, every single day. We’re all a part of this routine and at this point, have a habit of being around others. However, at some point, we need to look beyond our own needs and look at what is best for everyone.
By now, we’ve all heard the phrase “social distancing.” Everyone knows the rules about no gathering in groups more than 10, don’t go out unless there is an essential need, and yet, people still don’t listen. This needs to change immediately.
Many people, especially young adults and teenagers, believe they are “immune” to the Coronavirus; yet in this reasoning, they completely fail to consider anyone but themselves.  They need to know that they need to stay home.
Most people should know that anyone can carry the virus and spread it to others, even if they aren’t feeling the symptoms yet. These people, once again, lack the consideration of others. Others have no idea of the state of their immune system’s condition or of any health issues with which they may be struggling.
In other scenarios, many people also live with their grandparents, people who are considered high-risk of catching this virus. If people continue to leave their homes and expose themselves, they are potentially spreading the virus to their loved ones as well.
Some people also believe they are okay “just hanging out with a couple friends” or “just running over to someone’s house.” Even small encounters similar to this must not be looked over.
JC students need to realize this isn’t an early spring break or extended summer break. This is a national crisis that our country is under. This cannot and should not be taken lightly.
The correct facts need to be spread, and everyone should be taking this seriously.
In saying this, it doesn’t mean that people should be going outside, trying a new activity with family members, sitting in the sun, or doing anything to get somewhere outside of the house that isn’t in public or in groups of more than 10. Use this time to try new things in your home, get organized, and spend time with your family.
But please, be considerate.  Even small things like washing hands and staying home could save lives.
We will get through this together if people follow the rules and stay home.