Patriot of the Month: Colleen Zulty

Patriot of the Month: Colleen Zulty

Colleen Zulty runs down the field keeping her eye on the ball. Being alert during lacrosse games are crucial to help score points.

Miranda Ripken, Sports Editor

As a lacrosse player from Severn School sprinted down the field towards JC’s goal, senior defender Colleen Zulty followed close behind. Suddenly, Zulty checked the stick belonging to the Severn player, stole the ball, and passed it up the field to a midfielder.

“I love causing turnovers. It is a great feeling when I can check the ball out of an opponent’s stick or knock down a pass,” Zulty said.

Zulty has played lacrosse every year since she was seven. At JC, she’s played varsity for three years. Zulty also plays for the Greene Turtle Lacrosse Club.

“My sister played lacrosse, and [I] decided to follow in her footsteps,” Zulty said.

Zulty’s favorite part of lacrosse is the intensity of the game and how quickly the ball can change possession.

“I love the fast-paced nature of the game and how you are able to go from playing defense to scoring a goal in a matter of seconds. At JC, our team is so close and we are able to maintain a fun yet competitive atmosphere,” Zulty said.

After playing lacrosse for JC, Zulty will continue her career at the Division III level at Dickinson College.

Miranda Ripken is a Sports Editor for The Patriot and