Football banquet is the staple to the end of the season

Individual sports banquets take place of fall sports banquets


Alex Hau, Media Chief

 Members of the junior varsity and varsity football teams met at the Knights of Columbus hall in Forest Hill for a formal ending to their seasons. Players and their families arrived at 6:30 pm. When players walked in, they could see the senior banner hanging on both side walls, and a large “Patriots” banner in the back.

After everyone ate, there was a raffle drawing where players and their families had a chance to win prizes such as sweatshirts and other Patriot football merchandise. This was a fun activity, and the disappointed groans coming from the players’ tables when they didn’t win added a comedic element to the evening.

After the raffle drawing, Head Coach Ken Brinkman took the stage. He started the evening with all of his thank-yous. He made sure to thank Kim Muhlenfeld for setting the event up on such short notice and also for helping the team during the season with planning other events and taking pictures at the games.

Coach Brinkman then made sure to thank the JC athletic trainers, Erik Fabrizrani and Karen Eder.

“Fabs and Karen always have the students’ safety in mind, and I always support them one hundred percent when it comes to following protocol,” Coach Brinkman said.
In addition to thanking the parents of the players and the JC administration, Coach Brinkman thanked his coaching staff in a very heartwarming way.

“In all my years of being a head coach, I have never had more fun with a coaching staff,” Coach Brinkman said.
After saying his thanks, Coach Brinkman announced the players who were presented with the All-Conference title. For defense, these players were Malik Scott and Caleb Atabong. The offensive players were Austin Brinkman, Braden Clark, and Roman Hemby.

Coach Brinkman then announced the players that would be playing in the BTC All-Star Game. These players were Malik, Braden, Caleb, and Austin.

After Coach Brinkman’s opening, he invited junior varsity coach Matthew Miller to present their awards.

“I want all JV guys to stand up. You guys are losing a great senior class, and the bar they set is high. You guys have to keep working to maintain that level,” Coach Miller said.

Coach Brinkman then returned to the stage to present the varsity awards.

After all awards were given, Coach Brinkman presented the players with their letters and pins. When it was time for the seniors to be given their pins, he had them stay on the stage so he could share the personal connection he had with each player and the impact each had on his life. He spoke about the time he first met them, and how he sees them as men going off to college.

Coach Brinkman proceeded to surprise the seniors with posters showing their development from freshman year. Players enjoyed receiving these, even if they didn’t want people to see their freshman photo.
After a final goodbye to the seniors the players sat back down, and Kim Muhlenfeld was presented with a bouquet of flowers.
Finally, all players, families, and coaches said goodbye, some just until the next season. Others were saying goodbye forever.