Fall athletes prepare and stay fit while waiting for recently-announced season

Skylar Hill, Staff Writer

Being prepared is a big part of being an athlete, but how could the athletes at John Carroll prepare with COVID?

Juniors London Poist and Mya Gerbes have been preparing for months while waiting for the fall season announcement.
London, a volleyball player, is anxious for the season to start. Before the fall season announcement, the team practiced on Thursdays.
London has been preparing by doing workouts at home that include weightlifting and running. She has been working on improving her shoulder strength and getting a fast swing when hitting the ball.
She has broken down to working on basics.
“I practice my serves by serving onto my roof. While that sounds very strange, it has personally helped me a lot,” said London
Mya Gerbes said that she has been preparing with the school and with her club team to keep her in good athletic shape.
Mya trains Monday through Thursday with her teams and on her own. She spends all weekend on the field playing games with her team. If Mya is not practicing, she is getting in touches on her own.
Mya said she is excited to “be able to play my hardest, surrounded by girls who have the same goal as I do.”
Both of the girls have not just been preparing by working out but also by what they eat. London has been eating a balanced diet of fruits and veggies. Mya has been really stocking up on all the protein she gets so she is ready for tryouts.