Athletes continue to train between seasons

Skylar Hill, Staff Writer

Spring season is close, and athletes have worked to stay ready. Some have trained with others while others have gone to the gym or worked out with the team.

Junior Caleb Barger is on the varsity baseball team. He said that he goes to the gym every day to prepare for the season. He has a goal every year when he tries out. His goal is always to be better than he was the previous year.
With COVID-19 still in existence, anything can happen, but Caleb is not nervous at all. He wants to be back on the field with his teammates.
Luckily for Caleb, he loves the sport too much to not put in effort. Caleb has been working on physical condition with conditioning and strength training.
For Caleb, baseball is not just a one-man show.
“It’s all about your team; it starts with the pitcher, and as the game goes on, it’s all about backing up and playing together. It’s not a one-man show; it’s all about what the team can do,” said Caleb.
Caleb is both physically and mentally prepared for the season that coming. After playing with the same guys for three years, now there will be physical distancing and masks.
Physical distancing and masks are not something that teams have dealt with in the past, but the community will continue pull through as other seasons have shown.
This will be a season like no other at John Carroll, but Caleb is ready to get out there and see everyone and play with them as a team.
Caleb is in good shape for the season and is eager to see everyone and play the sport he loves.