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  • Sophomore Lunch will take place in the courtyard during mod 5 on Friday, Oct. 4
  • Spirit Week will begin on October 7.
  • The SGA has announced that the Homecoming Dance theme will be Starry Night.

The Patriot In-Depth: Get Updated on the Effects of Technology

Nicole Arrison and Madison Meyer

October 30, 2013

With the rise of technology and smart phones, students spend more time on social media sites and less on academics Physical Effects Senior Alex Gromacki sits with her laptop at night, trying to work on her homework, but her eyes are too tired to focus. "...

Fan Spotlight: George Appleby

Allison Walczyk, Managing Editor

March 16, 2010

On a cold Friday evening, as the rain comes  down, math teacher George Appleby sits in a lawn chair on the school’s roof with a video camera in hand. Though removed from the bright lights and cheer of the spectators of the...

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Dave Huber