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Letter to the Editor: Edward Miller defends Powder Puff game

December 14, 2012

Filed under Letter to the editor, Perspectives

This letter is a response to "The Patriot In-Depth: Powder Puff provokes class pride"  by Meredith Haggerty.  To read the original article, click here. In the October edition of The Patriot, In-Depth Editor Meredith Haggerty quoted Mr. Paaby, a longtime spectator of Powder Puff games. Having coa...

Russian class deserves appreciation

Brianna George, Reporter

June 27, 2012

Filed under Perspectives

Russian teacher Ed Miller plans to “graduate” with the class of 2014. Each year very few incoming freshmen students show interest in wanting to learn the Russian language. Being in the last Russian class of  five students,...

Letters to the Editor: Responses to pro-choice column

October 28, 2011

Filed under Letter to the editor, Perspectives

Due to the numerous reactions to a specific article of columnist and Opinion Editor Scott Novak, The Patriot has consolidated these Letters to the Editor. The original article may be read here.  The Patriot's publisher and school principal Madelyn Ball's official response to the article may be read here. Geor...

Letter to the Editor: Ed Miller voices opinion on abortion article

October 28, 2011

Filed under Letter to the editor

Dear Scott, I have a 12 year old granddaughter who is one of the treasures of our family. Had her young mother chosen to take the easy road and agreed to an abortion we would never have known the joy that she brings to our...

Athletic banquet honors Adolph Pons

Elizabeth Tauber, In-Depth Editor

June 4, 2010

Filed under Sports, Sports News

The sports banquets at JC usually honor the achievements of the student-athletes, but the Winter-Spring 2009-2010 Sports Banquet also honored a faculty member at our school who has been around for 46 years. Gym and Health teacher...

Course offerings change for 2010, three languages cut for freshmen

Charlotte Hagerman, Copy Editor

April 19, 2010

Filed under News

The Course Description Book 2010-11 has been released, with a few minor changes to class schedules for next year. All English, religion, science, history, and health-related classes remain the same, but slight alterations are...

Alumnus returns to speak of overseas experiences

Rachel Kokoska, Sports Editor

April 15, 2010

Filed under Community, Student Life

Jennifer McIntyre, class of ’87, started off her first day at the Turkish Embassy in 1996 on the borders of Turkey looking for American refugees from Iraq. During the height of Saddam Hussein’s power, Kurdish people and...

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