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  • Spring break starts Thursday, March 29 and ends on Monday, April 9

  • On Wednesday, April 11, there will be a 12:45 p.m. dismissal.

  • The freshman class breakfast will be on Wednesday, March 28 in the Brown Room

Lauren Glase, Media Chief 2014-15
Senior Lauren Glase is the Media Chief for The Patriot and This is her third year in journalism and her second year on The Patriot staff. In addition to the newspaper, Glase participates in the JC theatrical productions as well as dance classes at the John Carroll Academy of Performing Arts & Dance. When not spending hours in the Patriot Room trying to find the perfect font (and then settling on Helvetica) or frolicking around stage pretending that she knows what she is doing, Glase can be found sitting on her couch playing “Mario Kart” and attempting to fall off of Rainbow Road less than her typical three dozen times. Lauren Glase can be reached for comments at [email protected].

Lauren Glase, Media Chief

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