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  • Sophomore Lunch will take place in the courtyard during mod 5 on Friday, Oct. 4
  • Spirit Week will begin on October 7.
  • The SGA has announced that the Homecoming Dance theme will be Starry Night.
Sydney Setree Print Chief 2013-14
Senior Sydney Setree is the Print Chief of The Patriot and It is her third year taking journalism, but her second as a member of the newspaper staff. Besides being on the newspaper, Sydney is also involved with Book Club, varsity swimming, the Spanish Honors Society, the National Honors Society, and Quill and Scroll. She is in desperate need for a larger book shelf, cannot stand stupidity, and will someday be the wife of Josh Hutcherson. Additionally, if you give her a German Shepherd puppy, she will love you forever. Setree has also tamed an ostrich. Bazinga.

Sydney Setree can be reached for comments at [email protected].

Sydney Setree, Print Chief

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Hurricane Sandy causes school closings, property damage (Story)
Nov 07, 2012
Schedules uncertain for next year (Story)
Nov 05, 2012
United States Catholic Conference of Bishops calls for consistency in religious curriculum (Media)
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Honor Council picks student panel (Story/Media)
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