Each grade level returns to in-building learning for first time in seven months


Aeowynn Ayers, Staff Writer

This month, JC students entered the campus for in-person learning for the first time since March. There have been accommodations made, and procedures have been added to help the students and staff remain safe and healthy.

Students are required to wear masks and to stay at least six feet apart from each other at all times. When in the courtyard, students are allowed to take off their masks to eat, but they still must remain distanced.
Students are required to cleanse in and out as they move into different areas and rooms in the school.
Students’ desks are spread apart from each other to ensure minimal contact in the classroom. Only two students are allowed in the bathrooms at a time, and no one is permitted to use hallway lockers.
Additionally, at the end of every class, students clean the tops of their desks off to sanitize their areas.
It is important for students to follow these safety protocols that are in place if they want to keep coming onto campus for school.
Sophomore Angelina DiCocco said, “I like in-person learning better because I get headaches sitting at my computer all day. I have enjoyed being able to talk to my friends in-person and move from class to class again.”
Sophomore Camryn Young said, “I like that I get to see my friends in-person. It’s a lot easier, and I’m able to focus more.”
Many teachers have worked to find ways to include students who are in front of them in the classroom into their online lesson plans.
Geometry teacher Ms. Kimberly Cadle said, “When students are learning in-person, my goal is to give them as many opportunities as possible to close their laptops and communicate with me and other students in the room… I have used small group channels on Teams a lot, but one change I am making is that I am encouraging any students I have in-person to work together instead of joining into another Teams call.”
Beginning on Monday October 19, 25% of students from all grade levels returned to campus Monday through Thursday.
Fridays became asynchronous days beginning on October 23 when students and staff work at home.
As of right now, this arrangement will continue until at least Thanksgiving break.