Door decorating returns after COVID hiatus


After a hiatus last year due to COVID-19, Advisory Door Decorating returned to John Carroll.
Students used an extended 40-minute Advisory on Wednesday, December 1 to begin planning and putting up decorations and lights. Advisories decorated both their classroom doors and areas surrounding the room itself such as walls and lockers. Doors were decorated according to themes determined by the individual Advisories.
Faculty and staff members were invited to bring their children and grandchildren in to enjoy all of the completed displays on Monday, December 13, and judging of the doors took place on Tuesday, December 14.


1st: Ward – Post Office with Christmas Love
2nd: Cotter – Let it Snow
3rd: Baker – Christmas Crime Scene
4th: Von Lange – North Pole Traffic Court
5th Place: Lawler – Gingerbread House

Honorable Mentions

Stock & Smith – Countdown to Christmas / Living Nativity Scene
Gauthier – Red Box
Cathell – Hot Cocoa in the Café
Edge – Santa’s Tropical Christmas Fish
Cadle – Snow Wonderland
DeMennato – Ginger Disney House
Parrish & Novak – Welcome Home
Connolly – The Grinch
Howe – Home Alone
Jacques & Temple – Home Alone
Russell – Russell Express