The unbelievable come to life

One is an assassin. The other is outside of the pecking order. Together, they’re the perfect couple.

Patricia Briggs’s The Alpha and Omega Series introduces readers to a world were werewolves and other supernatural creatures are living side-by-side with humans. Charles Cornick and Anna Latham may seem like opposites, but together they are of one mind. Charles is the killing arm of his father, the Marrok, who is the leader of all the North American werewolves. Anna is an Omega, an Alpha who has no urge to fight.

With the first book of The Alpha and Omega Series, “Cry Wolf”, I was surprised that there were other creatures besides werewolves. Anna and Charles had begun their relationship in Chicago and it strengthened during a hunt for a black witch and her guardian wolf in the middle of winter. The past experiences that Anna had with dominate and powerful wolves weren’t the best, but she overcame her fear to save Charles.

Following “Cry Wolf” are “Hunting Grounds” and the latest release, “Fair Game”. During the series, Anna and Charles become closer and closer in bonding terms, allowing Anna and Charles to communicate with their minds. Anna becomes more confident with herself and is able to use her Omega powers for good. Charles shows a softer side to himself to Anna and takes care of the pack.

In the romance department, the Alpha and Omega Series is more fluffy than serious. Charles and Anna have cute comebacks for each other that only they would understand. It has the same amount of action that an adventure novel has with a touch of mystery mixed in. Compared to other adult series, The Alpha and Omega Series is pretty tame, have bursts of action and a slower pace for readers to contemplate the mystery of the scene. Briggs has a way to make the unbelievable believable.

The Alpha and Omega Series has several locations to work off from, including Massachusetts, Washington, and Montana. The Alpha and Omega Series takes place in the world of The Mercy Thompson Series, also by Briggs.

Elaine Jansing- Kaestner is a reporter for The Patriot and