Home movie theaters still in demand

Giovanni Rizzotti, Entertainment Editor

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the closure of practically all of the movies theaters around the world. This was done to prevent the spread of the virus, which would most likely be able to spread very easily among a crowd of movie-goers as they would watch a film.

While theaters are opening up now, however, many people are still electing to watch their movies from home.
Many others have been forced to stay home due to the pandemic and have had to watch the new movie releases on their home TV screens.
Because of this, there have been innovative ways that people have come up with to enjoy movies while being at home.
One idea, that you can do at your own home involves a few items. First off, find a decently-sized area to set up your theater. Then, set up a projector on a stand and point the projector toward a flat wall. Grab a couple of bean bag chairs, or any kind of low-seating chair, and place them in a way that a person’s head won’t cut off the projector glow. Then, turn on the movie, and enjoy!
A way you could improve this at-home movie theater is to put up decorations around your movie theater. The decorations you use could be dependent on the type of movie you’re watching. For example, if you are watching a romantic movie, you could decorate the area with hearts and things that would seem romantic. If you are watching a horror movie, you could try to create a moderately creepy environment while the movie is playing.
Another important thing is, of course, the food. It is highly likely that you will want to be eating something during this at home movie.
You can go the traditional way by making a bucket of popcorn and pouring a soda of your choice. Candy and other sweets are also an option as you could pick those up easily from stores. However, you could also make a TV dinner consisting of anything of your choice.
Making a movie theater at home is not only useful, but it saves money. It can bond a family together. As this pandemic continues, and if you have to stay home, think about doing something like this.