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Alice wanders back to “Wonderland”

Alice in Wonderland Review

Welcome back to wonder world of "Wonderland," which is not so wonderful anymore. Click here to read more.

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Julia Earnshaw, Indepth Editor

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When most people envision the remake of “Alice in Wonderland,” they expect it to be much like the original: a young Alice, bright colors, and the same plot.

However, the remake was nothing like the original. It lacked the bright colors and lighter tone.

The movie begins with a 19 year old Alice going to a party, which later she finds out is her own engagement party.

Flustered by the revelation, Alice runs from the party and follows a white rabbit in a waist coat down a rabbit hole.  When she reaches the bottom, Alice is bombarded by different creatures that claim that she will overthrow the Red Queen and restore the kingdom back into the hands of the White Queen.

Alice denies being the prophet, believing Wonderland throughout all these years has only been a figment of her imagination, but she soon realizes Wonderland needs her help.

Mia Wasikowska, the actress that plays Alice, transforms the character from a young girl who is befuddled about being in Wonderland to a heroine, working to save her acquaintances from her past.

The characters include the sneaky Cheshire Cat, a feisty door mouse, an overly hyper rabbit, a hookah smoking caterpillar, a pair of twins that are always disagreeing, and the infamous, orange-haired Mad Hatter, played by Johnny Depp.

Anne Hathaway is the perfect fit for the White Queen, with her kind demeanor, and Helen Bonham Carter imitates the White Queen’s evil sister, the Red Queen, perfectly.

Overall, Tim Burton did a great job transforming the original 1951 film with his own ideas and style. The acting, technology, and visual effects completed the movie, making it a must-see.

Once movie-goers get over the fact that the film isn’t bright and colorful, they will be willingly enveloped into Burton’s dark and mysterious Wonderland.

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Alice wanders back to “Wonderland”