“The Secret Life of the American Teenager” Blog

Gabby Joseph, Copy Editor

The father of my baby is so nice. He offered to take our baby for the weekend and now I can finally have some time to myself and go out with Jimmy. Except that I’m Amy Jergens from “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” and can’t accept when anything good in my life happens.

Although this week of “Secret Life” had the same amount of drama as usual, people finally started using some sense. George is on Ricky’s side for letting him have the baby on the weekends so that Amy will finally calm down and stop overreacting. It surprises me that Anne doesn’t agree with Ricky. Why wouldn’t she want her daughter to have some time off from being a mother?

Adrian, oh Adrian, what are you going to do? When Ricky dumped her, it was so surprising that she actually cared and showed emotion. However, it was pretty sad when Adrian tried to get back at Ricky in court by creating a video from all of her friends showing how wonderful Amy was. Adrian initiated a dominoeeffect that started a mini fight with their friends, which got Ricky mad at all of them. Luckily, Ben and Grace solved all the drama and became friends again, just like a cliché Disney movie.

But it just got worse. When Ricky and Amy arrived to court, there was double the amount of videos from all of their friends because they couldn’t stand having Ricky look bad.  To top it off, Amy decided to do the right thing and let Ricky have their son every weekend. The perfect Disney ending.

In addition, Adrian could be pregnant with Ben’s baby and Ashley is not being the smart, sensitive girl that she used to be. What is with everyone getting pregnant? Where is this show going?

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