“The Secret Life” Blog

Gabby Joseph, Copy Editor

“Birthdays aren’t a big deal.”

Basically the biggest lie ever.

Amy Jergens from “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” tries to play off her son Jon’s first birthday as not that big of a deal.

Amy, of course, was lying and even throws Jon a first birthday party with just the two of them the night before his real party. This is really weird, since Jon’s first birthday should be with friends and family, not just his mom.

Mimsy has a stroke and unfortunately Anne and George have to rush off to be with her. This means that they have to miss Jon’s party. While at Mimsy’s, they find out that Mimsy has remarried a man named Levy. Why didn’t Mimsy tell Anne, her own daughter, that she was getting married? Why does Mimsy always seem to have a man in her life?

Amy and Ricky decide that since her family can’t come to Jon’s party, it will just be the two of them at Ricky’s apartment, where they run into Ben. He thinks that they are dating and jumps to false conclusions. It seems a little ironic that while at Ricky’s house, Amy decides that she wants to get back together with Ben.

On to Grace and Adrianne: why do they always do something crazy? Adrianne thinks she is pregnant and apparently it is Ben’s baby. Grace’s plan for Adrianne is to have her lie and say that the child is Ricky’s.

What kind of wacko plan is that? Why can’t Adrianne just tell the truth? Of course, she hints at getting an abortion, but if she is, why would she need to tell Ben… at his father’s wedding, no less. Now, when everyone talks about the wedding, all Ben will be able to think about is how it was the day he found out he was possibly going to be a daddy.

On a side note, I’m happy that Adrianne’s parents are finally getting married after so many years. It’s sweet that they will finally be a real family.

At Ben’s father’s wedding, Ashley and Ricky start talking. Why does it seem like they want to date? Shouldn’t Ricky have realized he can’t date every girl on this show, and especially not the sister he of the girl he impregnated?

Poor Grant. First Ashley wants to sleep with him and later she doesn’t, and then she moves on to some other guy. Don’t worry Grant! I’m on your side; she should date you.

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