“The Hills” becomes worse

Gabby Joseph, Copy Editor

TV shows have gotten worse – way worse.  And it all started with the invention of reality TV and shows like the “Real World.”

TV has gotten so bad that we find ourselves watching shows such as “The Hills.”

“The Hills” used to be a show about a girl trying to make her way in the fashion world. However, the show soon transformed into a TV show centered on the drama between Heidi and Spencer Pratt (more commonly known as Speidi).  Every week, there is always mention of some ridiculous thing that they’ve been doing.

Last week, Spencer was yelling at Holly, Heidi’s sister, telling her that she was not welcome at their house if she felt the need to defend her mother, Darlene.

Let’s be real. Of course Holly wants to protect her mother who was always there for her and one of the most important people in her life.

Spencer is trying to do his part as a husband and protect Heidi from what Darlene said. The people watching this show are in agreement with Darlene because she is making Speidi come out of their fantasy world for those few seconds.

And at the end of every episode, we can find Spencer losing his temper with someone and seeing Heidi looking sad and pathetic.

Another issue is Heidi’s most recent plastic surgery. When you start looking like plastic, usually you stop having those kinds of surgeries.  You were prettier before, and now you can never go back.

The premiere of the Final Season of “The Hills” brings with it an attack on Kristen. The group goes to Miami for the Super Bowl and Kristen stays out every night until 5 a.m. Of course, this automatically means that Kristen is doing drugs and they have to confront her. But, I have to wonder why they ask her so discreetly? Furthermore, why do they not even care about her lack of answer?

Kristen merely shrugs it off and turns it on them for being such bad friends for accusing her of something she is obviously not doing. Great skills Kristen, confuse them out of really caring.

This show is pathetic for everything that it talks about. It makes appearance, ratings, and stupid drama more important than morals, personality, and character traits.

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