Kusterback brings fans down to Earth

Kusterback brings fans down to Earth

This is Sierra Kusterback from the band “Versaback.” Jenks wanted to see what it would be like as a rockstar on the go.

Gabby Joseph, Copy Editor

This week, documentary filmmaker Andrew Jenks on “World of Jenks” follows around Sierra Kusterbeck, from the band VersaEmerge.

When Jenks catches up with VersaEmerge, they are on the Warped Tour circuit.

Jenks meets Kusterbeck and in the first two hours, she constantly runs away from him, which leaves Jenks feeling like a stalker.

I don’t understand Kusterbeck at all. Why would she sign up for the show if she didn’t want the cameras constantly on her? I would understand if it was because she was feeling self-consciousness, but she should have thought about that before signing up.

Finally, when they drive on the tour bus that night, Jenks connects with Kusterbeck. They dance and Jenks body surfs.

The next day, Kusterbeck gets ready to perform and she reveals that she has confidence issues. She elaborates by saying she tries to ignore what people say because it makes her feel too depressed. She feels like she is constantly being judged.

Kusterbeck brings us down to earth with this comment. Her life looked larger than normal people’s lives, but this comment makes me feel like she is a normal human being, unsure of everything.

Kusterbeck introduces Jenks to Kevin Lyman, the founder of Warped Tour. He shares with Jenks that he loves VersaEmerge and he includes them on every concert circuit Lyman does.

There is nothing better for a band than to have the head honcho of a popular concert circuit love them. Kusterbeck did really well on this one.

Later in the show, Kusterbeck shares with Jenks how “you’re never alone, but you’re always alone.” She expands by saying she has no close friends and no one to share her personal endeavors with.

It’s good to see that even the rock and roll lifestyle has its downfalls.

When the tour visits Kusterbeck’s hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida, Kusterbeck freaks out. It makes her so nervous that she performed inadequately. Unfortunately for her, no one she knows even comes.

It would be awful to have virtually no friends and no one who would drop what they are doing for a day to come visit me.

“Jenks, you’ve listened to me more than anyone in my life. We’re best friends,” Kusterbeck said.

Shocker. You would assume that she would have had at least one person who she could relate to, even now when she is on the road.

When Jenks finally asks Kusterbeck what she wants to do her life, she responds with, “I want to reach out to people and inspire them to be themselves.”

Cliché. I think that all rockers want to do that.  She could have come up with something better.

Next week on “World of Jenks,” they highlight a professional surfer.