“Glee” storyline fails to impress audiences

Glee storyline fails to impress audiences

‘Glee’ took on songs by Justin Beiber in its recent episode.

Megan Battaglia, Multimedia Editor

Last week’s “Glee” heated up with Bieber Fever.

The Glee Club took on Bieber by re-creating his number-one singles “Baby” and “Somebody to Love.”  Although no one can sound like the original, the Glee Club sure came close.

Sam took center stage in the “Baby” performance singing his love to Quinn.  This week’s theme appeared to be love since it aired the day after Valentine’s Day.

However, what led to romance also led to some heartbreak.  While Sam turned the rest of the Glee Club into Bieber look-a-likes, it failed to impress the girls.

Quinn cheated on Sam with Finn backstage, which I seriously found to be the dumbest move ever, especially since Finn and Quinn had already had their “moment to shine” together.  Meanwhile, I found Rachel’s desperate attempt to make Finn jealous once again pitiful.  She needs to learn how to move on, because it simply isn’t entertaining anymore.

Even though the acting element of the show was going down the drain, it was made up for by the vast musical talent.  The song selections throughout the entire episode, especially the cast’s rendition of “Sing” by My Chemical Romance, were amazing.  The best performance of the night was the duo between Mercedes and Rachel singing “Take Me Or Leave Me.”

With last week’s good episode, I was hopeful for this week’s episode against teenage drinking. Unfortunately, it was a complete failure.

The episode was a letdown the minute Rachel opened her mouth.  She started singing about her headband. Yes, that’s right. A headband.

The whole song was completely irrelevant, so I started to wonder whether she was drunk or sober.  The whole episode was supposedly against teenage drinking.

To get the Glee Club on the wild side, Rachel decided to throw a party. By the end of the night, they were all drunk, and it was a complete disaster.  Watching this catastrophe made me want to turn the TV off.

Mr. Schuester was no help to the cause.  While he showed the negative effects of drinking by calling Sue when he was drunk, it was just a mess.

The group ended the episode with Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok.”  The remake was alright, but it ended with several members of the club throwing up on stage. While their point was made about the dangers of drinking, I found the graphics of it all to be a little unnecessary.

All I can hope for is some upbeat music and improved acting in next week’s episode.