The Orient provides exceptional Chinese food

The Orient provides exceptional Chinese food

The Orient’s Chicken and Broccoli is an excellent food choice.

Kirby Browning, Copy Editor

A savory and absolutely wonderful aroma of garlic, onions and Chinese spices caught my attention as I took my first steps inside The Orient. This typical Chinese restaurant located off of Bel Air Road provides fast and satisfactory service, exceptional food, and an overall positive atmosphere.

From the outside, The Orient doesn’t look like much. A simple building decorated with occasional spots of graffiti hide the magic that lies within.

When you walk into the restaurant, there is an overall feeling of calm and you find yourself talking in hushed tones. The waiters and hosts greet you with a smile and escort you to your table. Within seconds, the waiter has already handed you menus and filled your water glasses.

Crispy fried noodles, duck sauce, and spicy mustard are immediately brought to the table. The tables are covered in linen tablecloths, beverages served in crystal glasses, and chandeliers hang from the ceilings. The restaurant is extremely clean and exquisitely ornamented with Chinese decorations including a Lucky Cat and a glass koi fish.

Prices were fairly reasonable. Shrimp and avocado sushi, egg drop soup, and chicken with broccoli averaged around a total of $18.50. Within five minutes of ordering all three items, the soup was brought to our table. Before I had time to finish my soup, the sushi came. And within 10 minutes, the chicken with broccoli was brought to our table on a steaming plate, accompanied with a side of white rice.

The soup had a smooth consistency and warmed me up from the cold weather outside.  It was light yet comforting, and a great appetizer for the meal.

The sushi was well-rolled, with a substantial amount of ginger and wasabi. The waiter also brought an extra plate in case we wanted to share.  Soy sauce dishes were provided along with two pairs of chopsticks. The sushi served as a wonderful tasting appetizer before the main entrée.

The chicken was genuine white meat and was dressed with a perfect amount of sauce.  Warm and succulent, the sauce was not too thick, and it glisteningly dripped off the chicken.

The only problem with the dish was that the amount of rice served on the side was not proportionate to the chicken with broccoli dish. Within the first serving, I was out of rice. Despite this, all of the food was hot and perfectly cooked. Drinks were always refilled in a timely fashion as the friendly waiter appeared beside our table as soon as the water level looked low.

For Bel Air residents, the distance to The Orient is a little lengthy. However, despite the drive, the perfectly cooked food is definitely worth the trip.

Kirby Browning is a Copy Editor for “The Patriot” and