Artist Spotlight: Taylor Brown

Chioma Iheoma, A&E Editor

Six year old Taylor Brown sits quietly in awe as she watches her father.  She listens intently to the light scratching of his the pencil to the paper.  His hands move quickly across it as he begins the sketch for his new piece of art.

Junior Taylor Brown is fond of color, “I’ve always liked Andy Warhol’s colorful pop art.”  Brown’s favorite art piece is a chalk pastel piece of the moon with “a bit if an evil face.”  She likes to convey certain feelings in her work, “I used a lot of dark blues and purples to create this somewhat lonely and ominous feeling.”

Like most artists Brown draws upon her experience from real life to create pieces of art.  The early memory of watch her father drawing is part of the whole reason she got into art in the first place.  And the inspiration for her painting of the moon was of a video game she played as a child, “It’s my favorite piece of art because it’s creepy, eerie…I tried to recreate the terror I felt as a kid, but on paper.”

Brown is currently taking the Honors Studio 3 course with Michael Gaudreau.  She’s taken art courses at JC since freshman year, beginning with Introduction to Drawing which is taught by Bruno Baran who is one of her favorite art teachers, “He made art a lot easier to understand and he made it enjoyable.”

For now, Brown will be painting in her usual style with colors and emotions.

Chioma Iheoma is an A&E editor for the JCpatriot and

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