Fine Arts prepares for new nature library

Fine Arts prepares for new nature library

The studio art class taught by Gadreau already has skulls in stock for its students. The library will be a better way to organize things.

Chioma Iheoma, A&E editor

In an effort to enhance the artwork of students, the Fine Arts Department is creating a nature library that will work as a collection of artifacts.

The library is a collective project among the fine arts teachers, including fine arts teacher Michael Gaudreau.  “The nature library is a place where we would collect beautiful things from nature, things that would inspire drawing and ideas,” Gaudreau said.

The department is asking for donations from the public. Things such as cow bones, deer skulls, antlers, and nests can be donated by anyone to the art department in order for it to be used by students.

“I got my first object from Mr. Schick’s wife, a bag with a full skeleton of a fox,” fine arts chair Bruno Baran said. In addition, the library currently has two stuffed dogs and some dried gourds in stock.

“It’s more advantageous for the student.” Both fine art students and science students will be able to check out artifacts from the nature library just as they would check a book out from the library. “You’ll sign it out and sign it in,” Baran said.

Baran aims to launch the library around January 2012, though no official date has been decided yet.  The library will be located in room 115, the formal pinnacle room.  Students have not officially begun to work on items that have been donated.

Chioma Iheoma is an A&E editor for the JCpatriot and