Artist Spotlight: Kotula distinguishes her style from the crowd

Artist Spotlight: Kotula distinguishes her style from the crowd

Eva Bialobrzeski, A&E editor

Junior Rebecca Kotula is a free spirit, whose style is defined by what she thinks is functional, fashionable, and fabulous.

“Basically I wear whatever I want to wear, whatever I think looks good, and I don’t get bothered by what other people think,” Kotula said.

Kotula’s love for fashion spans from the fact that clothing and personal style is not only enjoyable but it shows the world who she is. “I love putting myself into my outfits and then seeing how people react to what I am wearing.  Hearing people compliment you on an outfit that you created . . . is one of the best feelings,” Kotula said.

Her style icon is the one and only Marilyn Monroe. “She was absolutely stunning, but was still quite a real person who was true to herself. Her style and beauty just seemed to come so naturally to her,” Kotula said.

It’s understandable that Kotula has a passion for vintage and unique looks, with her style icon being a woman who is the embodiment of the combination of classic contemporary and vintage.

“I am very into vintage looks and unusual pieces of clothing, and I usually pick up pieces that nobody else would think of trying to wear,” Kotula said. While she has a love for vintage looks, her favorite item of clothing is her pair of high-waisted shorts for their functionality.  “I love them because they are very comfortable, I think they are just adorable, and you can wear them so many different ways at any time of the year. They go great with boots or sandals in the summer and look awesome with patterned tights when it starts to get colder,” Kotula said.

Memories are usually related to sights, smells, or tastes, but for a true fashionista like Kotula, memories are made through fashion.  “One memory I have dealing with fashion is when I was walking through the streets of New York City. I was amazed by the fact that literally every single person had a gorgeous outfit on, I envied all of them. I was astounded by the large amount of great fashion sense that existed in just one city.”

While Kotula has a favorite fashion icon, a favorite piece of clothing, a favorite style, and favorite fashion memory, she also has a
favorite season when it comes to fashion. “My favorite season is the fall.  Not only does it look absolutely beautiful outside, I also get to wear some I my favorite types of clothing. It’s not too cold out yet in the fall, so I can wear tights and oversized sweaters and feel just the right temperature.”

As for upcoming winter trends Kotula has her eyes set on boots, tights, sweaters, and in general, anything that keeps her cozy in the upcoming cold months as well as anything that stays true to her personality.

“I consider fashion to be, in a way, an aspect of my personality. That is why I dress unusually.  If I dress like everyone else, then how will people know who I am?”

Eva Bialobrzeski  is an A&E editor for the JCpatriot and