Turkey Blast reloads your life

Turkey Blast reloads your life

Ashley Beyer, Lifestyle Editor

Getting bored of killing pigs with birds that have anger issues? There’s a much better app that lets you kill zombie turkeys in space with your jelly blaster, or even better, kill 3D cowboy turkeys with a taser.

The Turkey Blast: Reloaded app is both customizable and free for smartphones and iPods. In order to make the most of the gaming experience, players have to earn a certain number of points to unlock more prizes.

To play, players tilt their gaming device left and right and shoot flying turkeys. While this may seem basic and bland, there are many ways to make the game more appealing. Players can change settings things whenever they wish.

There are various kinds of turkeys, weapons, and backgrounds in Turkey Blast: Reloaded.  The turkeys are designed as different creatures, such as original turkeys, dinosaur turkeys, doodle turkeys, and 3D turkeys, among others.

The different landscapes coincide with whatever turkey is picked. Normal turkeys have blue skies and green grass while knight turkeys have a medieval background, and so on.

The weapons are creative and enjoyable to use.  Each weapon has its own sound effects.   The weapons are not the most intimidating, as they range from pencils to magic dust. As gamers play the game more often, they can buy the turkeys, backgrounds, and weapons with the points they earn.

This app is one of the most addicting and entertaining games on the market. Gamers definitely will not be bored while playing this app. Turkey Blast: Reloaded will keep players on their toes and make it difficult for them to put down their gaming device.

Ashley Beyer is a Lifestyle Editor for The Patriot and jcpatriot.com