Mayfields exercises fresh spirit with personal gifts

Mayfields exercises fresh spirit with personal gifts

Kailey Tracy, Copy Editor

Located in the Forest Hill Rockspring shopping plaza, Mayfields boutique is anything but secluded. The iridescent walls are highlighted in vibrant pinks, yellows, and greens, foreshadowing the bright, fun spirit of not only the shop, but the service as well.

Mayfields reminds me of one of the little shops that line the streets of downtown Bel Air, but with much more open space.  Gazing at the multitude of gifts ideal for women, I looked to my right and began my exploration through the boutique.

The shelves are stocked with different jams and jellies along with mixes for monkey bread and blueberry muffins, which are creatively packaged with charming illustrations of the desserts on the front.  This is all topped off with a wooden spoon tied to the packages’ handle.  The packaging makes it feel as though your mother had made the mix.

Within my first few steps in the store, Mayfields’s products emitted a personal, sentimental feeling.  Adding to this sentiment were cutting boards displaying one’s initials, and marshmallow fudge hot chocolate mix for two.

Across the glistening green wall, Vera Bradley products are displayed on white shelves.  Vera Bradley merchandise ranging from umbrellas to laptop cases showcases colorful, fun patterns sprinkled into each piece.

Jewelry is regularly deemed as a woman’s best friend, and don’t worry, Mayfield’s didn’t forget this fact.  Troll beads are displayed beneath a glass case, while necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are positioned artistically on a white dresser.   Some of the many clever products available are Bandazzles, which are bracelets that can function as hairbands.

Staying consistent with the white furnishings, which I found to be ornate, white shelves contained hand lotions and perfumes, among other products.  The hand lotion, entitled “Love + Toast,” let Mayfields’ spirit shine through.  On the package, it states, “Pretty is as pretty does.”

Switch Flops, flip flops with interchangeable straps of all designs, Nora Fleming serving pieces, platters with decorative “minis” for every occasion, and Magnabilities, convertible magnet designs for necklaces, appear to be crafty products.  Each idea speaks to women, empowering their creative, imaginative spirits.

Items are reasonably priced, and customer service is admirable, providing customers with ideas of what other customers did with certain products.  According to owner Kathleen McMahon, who owns Country Setting in Bel Air as well, she wanted to create a store that provided women with personal gifts.  McMahon achieved her goal.

Just by observing the Mayfields logo, the name written in script with a flower as the top of the “f,” one acquires the fresh, vibrant spirit that Mayfields entails.

Kailey Tracy is a Copy Editor for The Patriot and