Peace Yoga provides great atmosphere for de-stressing

Peace Yoga provides great atmosphere for de-stressing

Chioma Iheoma, A&E Editor

As the school year starts to get a tad more stressful with searching for colleges, taking the SATs, and studying for exams, things start to get tense. The healthiest way to de-stress is by taking yoga, and it should be done no other place but Peace Yoga on Main Street.

Peace Yoga is owned by Heather Gagnon, class of ’89, and is conveniently only five minutes away from JC. This makes it perfect when a quick stress release is needed after a long day.

Peace Yoga opened in January of last year after classes that Gagnon had been teaching in her home got too big. “I got the feeling that our community needed yoga,” Gagnon said.

The wide range of classes makes it easy for attendees to target their specific needs. Yoga Basics classes are held every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday for beginners. Vinyasa, intermediate classes, are also held for those that are serious about yoga.

Starting March 29 at 7 p.m., Thursday classes made specifically for athletes will be offered. These classes “focus on places on an athlete that tend to be tight.” They will also help athletes learn to focus “off the mat.”

“The style of yoga that we do here is more strenuous so you build strength and increase your flexibility.”

Peace Yoga offers a student discount on their “10 Class Pass” which is normally $140, but is reduced to $120. Those who aren’t sure about committing to yoga can sign up for a drop-in class for just $16 and rent a mat for $2.

The atmosphere of the facility helps to promote serenity. Some teachers at Peace Yoga play music during their sessions. Clean hardwood floors and sparsely decorated walls help attendees to focus on themselves after a long day. Shoes, socks, and other belongings can be left in cubby holes in the main room before a class starts.

Yoga attire, drinks, and mats are sold in the facilities, but even Gagnon does not recommend everyone buying a mat. The mats sold in Peace Yoga are durable and great for doing yoga, or as Gagnon calls them, the “Cadillac of yoga mats.” These shouldn’t be bought unless patrons are serious about doing yoga, according to Gagnon.

Signing up is probably the easiest part. Customers can either sign up online at, or they can come in 15 minutes before the class they want to sign up for. It’s recommended to sign up online some time beforehand due to the 20-person limit per class. Private sessions are offered for those who would rather attend a session alone or with a friend for $65.

Yoga has countless benefits such as getting in shape, bettering posture, increasing focus, and getting rid of some stress. Junior Melissa Butler appreciates yoga because it helps her stress and keeps her mind at ease. “I think it’s really good for your mind,” Butler said. Peace Yoga also offers the benefit of meeting new people in your community.

Peace Yoga is located on 122 S. Main Street, Bel Air, Maryland.

Chioma Iheoma is an A&E Editor for The Patriot and