Profili updates upper gym mural

Profili updates upper gym mural

Kailey Tracy, Copy Editor

Investing her faith in Photoshop and her creative ability, senior Lydia Profili puts her design skills to the test as she reconstructs the sports mural in the upper gym for her senior project.

The idea to replace the outdated painting came to Profili with the help of her dad. “He went to JC and graduated in 1981, and the old mural was in the gym when he was a student at JC.  He mentioned to me how old the sign is, and so we talked about making a new one,” Profili said.

Profili’s skill in the field of art manifested itself this year when she found her knack for design in her Digital Imaging class.  “I’ve never actually taken an art class when it comes to painting and drawing.  However, I took Digital Imaging this year with Mrs. McMahon and realized that I like design,” Profili said.

With the help of Photoshop, Profili began “messing around with different JC logos” until she came up with “about three solid designs” that she believed would work.  She sent out the three designs to the student body earlier this year so that students could vote for the one they liked the most.

To accompany her finished project, Profili will present a time lapse of pictures displaying the project from beginning to end.

She plans to have the senior class assist in painting the updated mural, and help her take pictures for the time lapse video.

Profili’s mural will replace the old mural and the aged painting will be moved to the lower gym “so it is still in the school,” Profili said.

Planning to begin painting upon returning from spring break, Profili hopes to have the project finished before May.

“I want to have a positive and modern effect on JC.  I created this project to test my creative abilities and because I hope that people will acknowledge my hard work,” Profili said.

Kailey Tracy is a Copy Editor for The Patriot and