Sharon’s Shaved Ice serves great flavor and atmosphere

Sharons Shaved Ice serves great flavor and atmosphere

Chioma Iheoma, A&E Editor

The weather has quickly gone from constant chilly days to surprisingly hot ones.  In order for your body to cool off, you should head on over to Sharon’s Shaved Ice.   When picking the best stand there are a few things to keep in mind: seating, location, and of course flavor, all of which Sharon’s Shaved Ice has.

Sharon’s Shaved Ice is one of the most convenient stands in Harford County.  It is strategically  placed in the center of a circle whose perimeter includes Harford Mall, Red Lobster, and Bed Bath & Beyond.  With all of the activities to do around Sharon’s, there’s no excuse to not stop by the shaved ice stand after a long day with friends.

The menu is long and packed with options for every palate.  The long list of flavors includes classics such as cherry and grape, and also more interesting flavors such as Mountain Dew.  The menu also features sugar free options as well as low carb options for those who have diabetes, or are watching their diets.

On a hot day Sharon’s Shaved Ice is the perfect place to cool off.  The tables on the grass behind the stand provide a place to enjoy your snow cone and chill out.

The cups range from small to extra-large, but no matter the size, you get what you pay for at $2.00 and up.  It might even be a challenge to finish a medium alone.  With each order customers can add a topping of whipped or marshmallow cream.  The marshmallow cream is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.

While many shaved ice stands have the problem of shaved ice that is too sweet due to saturation of the flavoring, Sharon’s shaved ice has a perfect balance of sweetness.

Sharon’s Shaved Ice is the perfect place to hang out with friends.  On a hot day it provides an easy atmosphere to cool down and catch up with friends and family over a tasty cup of shaved ice.  Sharon’s Ice located off the side of Veterans’ Memorial Highway across from the mall.

Chioma Iheoma is an A&E  Editor for The Patriot and