Yoga Fresh transforms into varied yogurt shop

Grace Kim, Online Chief

At first, my mom drove my siblings and I to Peace Yoga instead of Yoga Fresh, the yogurt shop we were anxious to try out.  Yoga Fresh is a frozen yogurt shop exclusively open in the summer.  During the winter, you’ll see this place transform to Soup Fresh.

Yoga Fresh is located on Main Street at 308 N. Main Street Bel Air. This locally owned and operated store is simply adorable.  It’s painted a cheery bright blue and has multiple Easter-colored chairs outside with umbrellas for you to sit under on a nice day. The interior is tiny with little to no décor and a few tables if you prefer eating inside.

The flavors of yogurt are vanilla, chocolate, cookies and cream, twist, and “European.” The latter two flavors, are just variations of the vanilla flavor.  Twist has a tiny bit of that slightly sour vanilla yogurt taste, and European has a prominent vanilla yogurt taste, similar to the taste of Greek yogurt.The vanilla yogurt tastes just like vanilla soft serve.  This was all explained to me by the polite and helpful worker behind the counter.

There’s a good variety of toppings, from fresh fruit to candies to nuts. I ordered cookies and cream topped with yogurt covered raisins, my sister and mom ordered vanilla with strawberries, and my brother ordered chocolate with chocolate chips.

Of course, I had a taste of everyone else’s frozen yogurt, and the verdict was that I really only liked the vanilla flavor.  Cookies and cream wasn’t what I expected, which was, well, cookies and cream.  It tasted like milk chocolate, while the chocolate flavor tasted like dark chocolate.

I like my frozen yogurt to be creamy and thick, almost like custard but not quite there.

This frozen yogurt is slightly icy, and resembles soft serve more than anything else.  I think that this frozen yogurt is best if you choose vanilla with a fresh fruit topping.

I did enjoy the fact that the yogurt is fat free and only about 100 calories.

The prices were reasonable, with each yogurt being priced at $3.29 and toppings at $.89.  However, another complaint to add is that there are only two size options: “thin” (small) and “tall” (super massive black hole of yogurt).

The end verdict was that my brother and I weren’t fans, and my mom and sister were.  Needless to say, they both got vanilla with fresh fruit toppings.

As for whether I’d recommend this place or not, it really just depends on what you’re looking for in frozen yogurt: soft serve versus thick, custard-like yogurt.  If it’s the former, hit up Yoga Fresh.  If it’s the latter, I’ll see you at TCBY.

Grace Kim is the Online Chief for The Patriot and