Quick Picks: Creepy Woods creeps out editor

Quick  Picks: Creepy Woods creeps out editor

Emily Clarke, Print Chief

If you’re looking for a fright-filled fall night, Creepy Woods Haunted Forest is the place to go.

This attraction features a footpath through a dark and creepy forest, interspersed with haunted stations designed to gnaw away any leftover bravery. The stations are comprised of clowns, spiders, butchers, wolves, executioners, dead bodies, grim reapers, skulls, deserted towns, barns, an old mansion, and more.  In groups of about 15 people, the workers send you to wander in the pitch-black of the night until you reach the first station.

The different stations are horrifying, but the real terror is the element of the unknown. The only things leading you through the trail are a set of ropes and your own two feet. Workers dressed in world-class costumes frequently pop out from behind trees, rocks, and closed buildings as you pass.

In one such trip, a wolf-like demon popped out from behind a tree and stuck his face between mine and my screaming friends’.  He then chased us into the next station, a dungeon/prison setting.  Once inside, the workers slammed the doors behind and in front of us so there was no way out. Out of the darkness, a grim reaper slid across the ceiling, growling down at us.

Finally allowed to escape, we rushed under a bridge, where a worker dropped a bucket, almost hitting our heads. But before we could recover, a zombie attached to bungee cords sprang out of the forest.

All in all, the creatures on the trail did an amazing job of pushing us from one terrifying element to another.

They say the trail is a 30-minute walk.  However, as my friends and I were speed walking/running through it to escape the terror as fast as possible, it only took about 20 minutes. The line, unfortunately, took about three times that long. I paid $20 for my ticket, so I suggest paying the extra $10 to get the express pass. That line seemed to only take 15 minutes.

It was perfectly horrifying, and all for the price of $20.

Emily Clarke is the Print Chief for The Patriot and jcpatriot.com.

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