Quick Picks: The Arena Club lives up to its standards

Quick Picks: The Arena Club lives up to its standards

The Arena Club is located at 2304 Churchville Road in Bel Air, MD. It offers an immense amount of amenities for a reasonable price.

Meredith Haggerty, In-Depth Editor

When I walked into the Arena Club, I was overwhelmed with the amount of state-of-the art fitness equipment they have, as well as the vast amount of activities that I could participate in. The amount of tools they had to make a person healthy and happy was mind-blowing. From preschool to Pilates, they had everything.

I walked over to the treadmills and elliptical machines where everyone had a small TV to watch their favorite shows while they ran, as well as information telling how far they had run, the pace at which they ran, and the calories they had burned. I personally loved the fact that there was a small TV attached to the equipment because I was constantly running, but I did not even realize how hard I was working.

The state-of-the-art equipment at the Arena Club did not stop at the treadmills and elliptical machines: it continued with stair climbers, cycling bikes, and other cardio equipment. These machines were different from older machines because the technology of them was enhanced, with information telling the person working out how far they had run, climbed, or biked as well as the time it took to reach that point in their workout and how many calories they had burned.

The equipment was more advanced because it was new. For example, there were new medicine balls that had holes for your hands, so you could get a better grip on the ball. This improvement made the ball easier to use.  The enhanced equipment did not make working out any easier. However, it did make it much easier to track pounds or calories lost, if the person working out had improved their time for running or cycling, and whether or not they were increasing in muscle, losing weight, increasing stamina, or other outcomes they were looking for.

After running, the next station I went to was the weightlifting area. The station included an innumerable amount of weights, bars, and benches. The Arena Club had all types of weights to use from five pound to 125 pound dumbbells as well as 45 pound bars where people could add 20-150 pound weights onto the end of the bar. I used the 15 pound dumbbells, but there were heavier weights for those who could lift them.

The abdominal section was where I spent most of my time, and the equipment was top of the line. The mat used for abdominal work was long, allowing at least 15 people to work out at once. There were also three leg lift stations that members could use to help build their core muscles as well as medicine balls to use during sit ups, lunges, and other abdominal focused workouts.

The Arena Club itself, from the fitness center to the bathrooms, was spotless. I did not see a dirty hallway or rusting equipment. The staff was friendly, but there did not seem to be enough of them. The only time I saw staff members was at the sign-in section of the gym. Staff members did not walk around and help out in the fitness center or any other part of the gym.

The amount of extra features was almost endless, which made the Arena Club even better than I originally thought. Not only did the Arena Club have a gym, but they also had an indoor turf field, an outdoor field, an outdoor basketball court, four outdoor pools three of which become indoor in the winter when a dome is put over three of them, a 12-person hot tub, a salon and tanning center, as well as group classes such as Pilates, cycling, yoga, and aerobics, personal training sessions, physical therapy, and even a preschool.

Joining the Arena Club would be beneficial for any person who wants to become healthier and happier. According to the Arena Club website, it is designed “to enhance your physical and mental well-being.”  The Arena Club is almost a health and wellness heaven, but the only issue is the cost. The monthly rate is $55, but members have to pay extra for things such as tanning, workout classes, and personal training.

Overall, I enjoy having a membership at the Arena Club. It gives me the resources needed in order to be a healthy, happy, and athletic person. I plan to go back and use their gym, pools, fields, and sauna in the very near future. You can find equipment and classes for every type of person, making the Arena Club a great gym.

The Arena Club is located at 2304 Churchville Road in Bel Air. It’s phone number is 410-734-7300.

Meredith Haggerty is an In-Depth Editor for The Patriot and jcpatriot.com.