Quick Picks: The Bel Air Athletic Club offers great amenities, high fee

Quick Picks: The Bel Air Athletic Club offers great amenities, high fee

The Bel Air Athletic Club is located at 658 Boulton Street in Bel Air. Some of its features include indoor sport courts, fitness classes, four pools, and a spa.

Kailey Tracy, Copy Chief

A sky-scraping tree house stands just inside the doors of the Bel Air Athletic Club, which acts as a workout in itself for the school-aged kids galloping through it.  Amenities of the same caliber sustain the older kids and adults as well, making the gym a desirable place, despite the monthly fee.

Encompassing a main gym as well as a women’s gym, the Club offers privacy and options for its members.  The main gym holds plenty of treadmills equipped with TVs, elliptical machines, and weight equipment ranging from machines to free weights.  A basketball court is also located on this level of the Club, a major plus for any member who wishes to practice a sport or a new workout regimen.

Not offered at many gyms, the women’s gym on the second floor is a major benefit.  Although this area does have hand-me-down equipment from the main gym and not as many weight machines, it presents a quieter, smaller environment to accomplish a thorough workout.

The indoor track, perhaps one of the Club’s biggest enticements for me, sits beside the women’s gym. Overlooking the main gym, the track provides those who don’t like running on a treadmill with an alternate course of exercise.

For those who like to stay germ free, wipes to clean off machines after use are positioned around both gyms.  Soft wash cloths are also available to use as sweat towels.

Classes such as Zumba, yoga, and cycling are taught at the Club.  Along with these gym oriented classes, a dance studio holds classes on site.  A plethora of engaged, motivating trainers are available as well if taking a class isn’t the right fit for you.

Four pools, a spa, racquetball courts, daycare services, and smiles from just about everyone you pass top the Club off.

Housing all of these amenities, the gym should offer a la carte membership fees.  For people like me who don’t use the pool or the racquetball courts, a fee should be deducted from my monthly bill.  Instead, the Club has a lump sum of $100 per month.  This is a major drawback of the Club, and this fee doesn’t include some classes, such as Pilates Reformer.

If gym goers are willing to shell out the hefty fee, it will be easy for them to become a gym rat at the Club with all that it has to offer.

The Bel Air Athletic Club is located at 658 Boulton Street in Bel Air. It’s phone number is 410-838-2670.

Kailey Tracy is Copy Chief for The Patriot and jcpatriot.com.