Brueggemann interviews on local station in hopes of spreading the word

Hope Kelly, Managing Editor

Director of Enrollment Kim Brueggemann sits in the sound-proof recording studio. Her accessories are earphones and a microphone and she is positioned across from her interviewer. The man in the sound booth behind Bruggemann and her interviewer gives them the go ahead and their interview is off.

Brueggemann was interviewed by a radio station out of Harford Community College as a part of a program called Art Beat. They contacted her after hearing about JC’s Academy of Performing Arts and Dance.

“They wanted to talk about the general courses and classes that were offered [at JC], and she gave me the opportunity to expand our conversation and talk about the performing arts opportunities in John Carroll as well,” Brueggemann said.

Among the opportunities Brueggemann discussed were the musicals, acting classes, band, orchestra, and chorus at JC.

According to Brueggemann, the interview went well as she found it very easy to talk to her interviewer. “The lady who I was speaking to made it very easy. I literally just talked to her,” she said.

For Brueggemann, this will hopefully get the “word out farther” about the Academy and “expand the knowledge of people in the county” about the classes offered. Anyone from ages seven to 18 can sign up for classes at the Academy, so it was also an opportunity to let those outside the JC community know about it.

“The fact that they had gotten word from someone means that the good things that happen here in the arts are starting to get out,” Brueggemann said.

The interview also has the potential to “attract high school age students” to JC, according to Brueggemann.

The interview aired Tuesday, Jan. 15. As for any future interviews, Brueggemann is open to it and simply said that if they offer “I’ll be there.”

Hope Kelly is a Managing Editor for The Patriot and