Sophomore discovers happiness in arts

Sophomore discovers happiness in arts

Sophomore Morgan Broman works on an art piece for her Studio 2 class

Caitlin Wolfarth, News Editor

Sophomore Morgan Broman sits down in the art wing after a long day at school and lets all of her thoughts and stress from the day flow onto her paper.  According to Broman, she believes she can conquer any task and relieve her stress with one stroke of a paintbrush.

Broman started taking art seriously her freshman year of high school.  “I wanted to do art because it was either that or gym and I’d rather not run around publically humiliating myself,” Broman said.  “I ended up liking art a lot more than I thought I would.”

One of Broman’s favorite pieces of original artwork is a self-portrait she did with oil pastels. “I like it because we get to use all of the colors to make it look abstract,” she said.  “It is used to summarize personality with colors.”

Another favorite piece of artwork Broman did is a water color piece.  She used a blue background which had a giant spot of black paint in the middle that dripped down the page.

Broman is currently working on a close up of one of artist Alex Katz’s pieces in her Studio 2 class.  According to Broman, she takes a small part of what she really likes, and zooms in on it.   Students are encouraged to focus on the colors and brushstrokes.

“I really like the relaxing setting of the classroom area,” Broman said. “We can move to wherever we want to work.”

Art teacher Bruno Baran described Broman as “uniquely artistic.”  “She has a style of her own,” Baran said.

“Art helps me express myself in a good way,” she said. “It’s really calming.”

Caitlin Wolfarth is a News Editor for The Patriot and