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The School Newspaper of John Carroll School

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The School Newspaper of John Carroll School

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Underclassmen steal show in ‘Aladdin’

Underclassmen steal show in ‘Aladdin’

Juan Cajigas

By Mary Kate Luft

Starring in his biggest role to date, sophomore Juan Cajigas is ready to play Jafar, the power-hungry and villainous advisor to the Sultan in “Aladdin.” Cajigas has previously performed at JC in “Cinderella” and “Singin’ in the Rain.”

“So far, out of my entire life, this is the first lead role I have been given, which I am really excited about, but also very nervous about,” Cajigas said.

Cajigas has been preparing for the show during the daily after-school rehearsals and on his own. “I have been looking in the mirror practicing my seriousness and facial expressions that I assume Jafar would do. Also, I have been practicing to develop a deep voice in order to make his character seem scary.”

Cajigas has been singing his whole life, but he did not start acting until fifth grade when he was in a Christmas pageant. According to Cajigas, he prefers singing over acting and would rather “do acting as a hobby.” In addition to the musicals, Cajigas  participates in Music Ministry and Chorus.

Scott Walczyk

By Brianna Glase

Sophomore Scott Walczyk waits hidden at the back of the stage, listening for his cue.  He hears sophomore Brady Fritz shout “Genie” and springs out of nowhere covered in blue to grant his master’s every wish, while fulfilling his own wish of having a lead role in “Aladdin,” premiering March 1, 2, and 3.

In the show, Walczyk plays the Genie, the iconic blue character that helps Aladdin out of many situations after being summoned out of his lamp.

Walczyk’s favorite part of playing the Genie is being able to act as a goofy character.  “I get to leave all dignity at the door and just act like a freak on stage,” he said.

However, having a lead role presents challenges for Walczyk.  He has performed in “Cinderella” and in “Singin’ in the Rain,” but Walczyk said the role of the Genie involves a lot more dialogue and practicing.  Although memorizing his lines has been a challenge, Walczyk is still looking forward to performing in “Aladdin,” and especially “being painted blue, that’ll be interesting.”

Brady Fritz

By Martha Schick

Sophomore Brady Fritz feels like he’s in a whole new world playing Aladdin. Although he’s had a leading role before, Aladdin is his first title character.

“In our last show [‘Singin’ in the Rain’], I was Cosmo Brown, which was a lead, but it was a supporting role, so this is my first main character lead,” Fritz said.

With a great role comes great responsibility, which means that Fritz has no time for anything other than the musical.  According to him, his usual schedule consists of “school, rehearsal, and maybe some dance classes, but that’s pretty much it.”

To prepare for his role, Fritz researched and “studied the character.”

With a possible future in TV or Broadway shows, Fritz appreciates JC’s theater department.  “The atmosphere, the people, the directors, they’re just all awesome and fun,” Fritz said.

As for playing Aladdin, Fritz loves his character, saying that his favorite part of the show is “acting Disney-like and … having fun with the role.”

Lindsey McCumber

By Cole Alban

Dressed as Jasmine, junior Lindsey McCumber looks and feels  like a princess as she acts out her character in “Aladdin.”

McCumber has been acting since she was in the second grade. This character, however, holds special significance for McCumber as it is the first time she has ever acted as a princess.

Although Jasmine is not the type of character McCumber usually likes to play, she is enjoying it. “I usually like playing more in-depth characters but I like [playing Jasmine] because I grew up watching Jasmine as a kid.” Although the character is not as profound as McCumber likes, she said, “I can focus on having more fun this way.”

McCumber describes Jasmine as being rebellious. “She’s sassy and slightly immature and she has all the general princess attributes,” McCumber said.

McCumber is excited to perform the show, especially for the younger audiences.

“I think [Aladdin] will be really great,” McCumber said. “The kids will definitely love it.”


Mary Kate Luft is an A&E Editor for The Patriot and

Brianna Glase is the Online Chief for The Patriot and

Martha Schick is the Multimedia Chief for The Patriot and

Cole Alban is a Managing Editor for The Patriot and

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