Taylor Swift Red Tour left fans enchanted

Swift tells a story after singing

Meredith Haggerty, In-Depth Editor

Taylor Swift’s “Red Tour” concert was the reason for the teardrops on my guitar. Tears of joy, of course.

As a huge fan of Taylor Swift, I was unbelievably excited for the concert. When my friend gave me a phone call in the summer telling me that we were going to the concert, I screamed like a little girl and actually cried tears of joy. I could not believe that I was finally going to a Taylor Swift concert. After all the years I spent wishing for an opportunity to go, my dreams were finally coming true.

The concert began with “Red” and the fans went absolutely wild. The entire time, the Verizon Center was filled with singing that actually sounded more like screaming song lyrics. Everyone was simply admiring the 23-year-old singer who was standing before us.

The greatest thing about the concert was that even though there were 14,000 people, Taylor Swift found a way of making it feel like she was talking directly to me. She would sing a song or two, and then talk to us about how happy she was we that were there and about hard times and bad breakups that led her to write these songs.

My favorite part happened to be while she was in a dress change and there was a video reel of her life.  It was all-encompassing: it was from age two to elementary, middle, and high school, and even included her recording her first record and the “Fearless” concert tour.  Finally, the screen said “22” and it was a live video of us at the concert. She then came onto the stage and sang “22.”

Swift also incorporated songs from past albums, such as “Don’t You Ever Grow Up” and “Love Story.” Every song had a theme to it that coordinated with the dancing and backgrounds. This made me feel like I was at a play and a concert at the same time. For example, the finale, “We Are Never Getting Back Together,” had a circus theme where some of the dancers were on stilts, and Taylor Swift was the ringmaster.

All in all, Taylor Swift’s “Red” concert was an unbelievable experience which made me love her as an artist even more than before, if that is possible.

Meredith Haggerty is an In-Depth Editor for The Patriot and jcpatriot.com.